Zoe Giabouldaki

2014, video, duration 13’10’’, ipad, ipad screen, debit card, steel, usb cable, 12 x 30 x 24 cm

Paypad was first screened during a show at the  Elika Galley in Athens (2014) and is the result of an accidental artistic observation. Her exhibition, focusing on the sense of materiality, resistance of objects and their durability goes back and forth between two realities – online and offline. Installations built up within industrial materials carried tissues or devices which brought the viewer into one of these spaces. Works like Sliding up Jodorowsky’s Mountain (2013) a reference to a cult movie from 1973, a strongly symbolic treat about human condition in relation to material goods, underlined our strong ties to commodities. On the other hand the Internet became the source of artist’s inspiration and – surprisingly even for her – a space for production.
Paypad is a simple screen grab taken while Giabouldaki was proceeding on-line shopping of materials to produce a show. Almost 13 minutes long work was finally presented as a part of the exhibition on a broken I-pad,  destroyed by impact with a credit card. This impossible fracture underlines a symbolic nature of artist gesture that states, not without a fear this substantial shift in an artist production. The Internet, less selective than a modernist model of art museum, was a utopian promise of a new space for exhibiting. But it influenced the artist’s  work more than ever. The process of creation now can be easily accessible by the Internet user and become a common element of an artwork.

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