Collective memory in our contemporary techno-society is being constructed within over- mediatized information. It is crucial to underline that it is not events themselves which are changing our future relativistic perception of the world, but rather their analysis, constant repetition and re-enactment incessantly perpetuated by news channels, press and online media. These, racing each other to present ever faster, ever more detailed scoops try to be as attractive an information stream as possible. After a while some events enter common knowledge and becomes a reference. Often entering popular culture (within a film industry, jokes or internet memes, songs) they become an integral part of collective memory, as a cultural landmark. Time will tell if they will be engraved longer than a few generations in our cultural memory. The simple exercise offered here shows events  which are outstanding enough to last in our memories and trap  some souvenirs from personal or common past. The questions asked here relate to important events important in our recent history and only you will truly know if they disappear in time from human memory.

Where were you in 9th of September 2001 when Twin Towers collapsed?

Where were you when Conchita Wurst won the Eurovision?

Where were you when The Wall collapsed?

Where were you when gay marriage was legalized in USA?

Where were you when princess Charlotte was born?

Where were you during the attack on the Charlie Hebdo seats?

What happened in your country when Berlusconi was a prime minister of Italy? If you from there, how it influenced you?

Where were you when first man walked on a Moon? If you weren’t born,  do you remember forst time watching a bradcast from this event?

Where were you when Lady D died?

What did you think about DSK scandal?

Where were you when Obama won for the first time elections?

Where were you when Gerard Depardieu become the Russia citizen?

Where were you….

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