Seeking songs which may be coherent with an idea of the sound of normcore we went through many you tube playlists, Spotify selections and articles on the latest artists who may fit to this attitude. Finally, we recommend for  you Sean Nicholas Savage song with his mumblecore-like clip. Selected for his public image and the way he dresses he seems to sing normal po. As pointed out in our issue 02, many bands or vocalists qualified as normcore are artists who started their careers in the 1990s or are referring to this time. Some may say that is a consequence of the lack of new sound, others found in normcore music references to a simpler and more pleasant sounds of bands like Counting Crows or Dave Mathews Band. The symptomatic fact is that most artists included in normcore rankings or other  arbitrary selections probably have no idea what normcore is. Check it out for yourselves, how normcore may sound like.



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