This Text is an Original, On the Run #1 Online/ Offline, December 2015 (excerpt)

text realsed for hd.kepler

publication (fr/eng)

This text is the original. It is being written for the first time, not even know yet what final shape it will take. What is an original? Something that has never been written before? Never reproduced in a context other than this publication, or never changed by me or another author ? Never translated ? I am a native Polish speaker, this text is being written in English and you are probably reading it in French or Greek. Where is the original, then? In my Polish mind or in another part of my brain which with the help of my English writing skills is able to express an idea in a different language? Idea. Is this the core of the original? The original can also be an object. It has its own special value. It is unique and irreplaceable. It can be copied, reproduced or imitated, but the copy will never gain the same significance as the original. The original artwork, confirmed by respective authenticity document is a justification
of its prize. The question of the original comes up naturally and it is a coherent part of an artwork. Just as earlier movements such as conceptual art and
relational aesthetics have done, new media and net based art have, found their definition of a ‘new original,’ which is not connected to a physical object(…)

[Reality itself is liable to become a surrogate or an evolution of a second-life: a life taking place in a digital projection of our mental images, constantly mutating and capable of crossing time and space, or a biocybernetic reproduction of an improved copy.] The digital is an evolution of the same technical progress begun with photography and cinema, posing the same problematic questions of originality and reproducibility of artworks. As Benjamin noticed in the case of cinema and photography, the reception of art by the public manifests itself through: 1. the desire to take possession of the artwork by reproducing it and 2. the duration of the artwork, (…)

Biostamp temporary tatoo

Biostamp temporary tatoo

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