The Host (Hangul괴물; RRGwoemul; lit. “Monster”), dir. Bong Joon-ho, 2006

It might seems to be another movie about cruel monster hunting innocent people in a big city: a creature coming from nowhere, a mutant born in a polluted environment, a representation of punishment, an evocation of a human weakness towards the monstrous… Though within poetic images the director Bong Joon-ho tells us a deeper story.  Deceptively schematic plot is build according to the movie class b tradition. There is an unstoppable monster which hunts the good citizens, there is a clash of the good and the pure evil, there is even an American army coming to save people and – primarily – to control the situation. The Host sheds a light on the typical mechanism of a defence procedures established by human communities facing a critical situation. The reference to the tradition of american science-fiction movies from the 1950s and later, underline the more general function, a group therapy for the societies being in a fear of ghost of communism at this time. The same process visible in other futuristic movies, like zombie series speaks about the same moment – a global threat to the whole humankind (a powerful political forces, aliens attack, a pandemic, uncontrollable natural forces) and the solutions to be implemented. The Host is almost a skit, which cannot be perceived superficially. 

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