the following is an exercise on the relevance and use of images. Visual memories of a collective history, they convey different meanings and possible interpretations revealing a wide range of values and more intimate references. Through a visual exchange with invited artist Elisabetta di Sopra, this exercise aims to investigate one of the possible interpretations and reading of forces produced by images, giving an absolute freedom to the artist in responding or evoking her artistic or personal background and influences. The result is a non didactical outline of a very tiny part of our common visual history and presence, revealing unexpected responses.

question :


answer : 

The demolition of the statue of Lenin.

In psychoanalysis, the removal is a “pathological” strategy for resolving the conflict. What troubles us is expelled from the conscience. Thus, to remove from the view is the first act in order to be able to forget, erasing forever the memory of a person, not worthy of being remembered in the collective memory and to be able to give to the younger generations a free horizon, with a whole future to imagine.

question :


answer : 

Girl at the window.

Looking out from behind a window. It is a passive participation in the reality that surrounds us. We’re watching the events without getting involved in a state of perpetual waiting. Hoping that all of a sudden something could happen, to revitalize us and making us spread those eyes a bit too indifferent. A still image ready to come alive again.

question : 


answer :

Dog Show.

As in a selfie, dogs exhibited so become the extension of our narcissism.

question :


answer :

The road

where does this road from the typical autumn colors lead? From this point of view shifted slightly to the right, we just know it’s going left and that probably will not stop. It will descend gently before rising as all mountain roads. Going through we might cross someone from the other side or those who have took it before us and that, exceedingly cautious, will force us to slow down. Here is our life, our journey … I imagine that this has a time and a direction, we do not know what will retain, but we can perhaps guess its meaning.

question  :


answer :

Black column on beige background.

Foreign and disturbing element that breaks in a linear and monotonous context. In front of a wall of repetitive and constant texture and uniform floor, sits a black cylindrical column. It is a self-centered presence and as such intrusive. Everything that surrounds it fades into the background. But just because an element of disturbance, the eye is looking for a way to escape getting lost in those slips of paper stuck to the front wall which resemble Mondrian trees. But you cannot deny its presence and have just to accept the possible relationships between the walls and the column, even to admit that if it were not for the shadows that it generates, this composition could be mistaken for a painting by Malevich.

Elisabetta Di Sopra (Pordenone 08/11/69), lives and works in Venice. She obtained in 2010 a Degree in Painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice. Her research is expressed in particular through the use of video to investigate the dynamics of everyday life and of its most sensitive unexpressed micro-stories, where the female body plays a central role as the guardian of a memory and an expressive language, that would otherwise escape.


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