Cyberpunk is a genre which has its roots in literature,  with stories by such visionary authors as William Gibson, Bruce Sterling, and Neal Stephenson, among so many others. Eventually the movement made its way onto the big screen. It is science fiction, often set in a dystopian future, in which society is dominated, for better or worse, by computers and the internet. Rather than direct government overlords, society-at-large is usually controlled by mega-corporations who skew the balance of power away from the poor and needy, fueling tensions and inspiring revolution. The people are represented by radical groups using their soldiers — or hackers — to shock the system. The internet is used as a great equalizer, a weapon of the oppressed to even the playing field against their tormentors. Then again, the danger of computers taking over society and our daily lives is often a theme in the genre. (source:

In the context of our publication, we can consider this genre brings a futuristic vision of grassroots activity close to obfuscation. We can name here a cult movie from 1990s Hackers or more recent Matrix trilogy as films which in an exaggerated manner show strategy of digital existence held with precautions.

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