airport novel

Have you ever had a closer  look at  airport news stands? I think there would nothing new in saying that they are designed and filled with products deliberately to incite and target your decisions as a customer. Of course, but did you notice the recurrence of authors such as: Dan Brown, John Clancy, Michel Crichton, Robert Ludlum, John Grisham…? These are few of the list of writers connected with the so-called an airport novel literature genre . What singles them out is not  typical characters or a plot, but rather the social function of the book,  which is supposed to meet the needs of bored readers  facing the inconveniences of air travel: superficially engaging, long enough to not be finished before the end of the flight, simple enough to be read in conditions experienced at airports or in flight t. Airport (1968) by Arthur Hailey is said to be a first novel of this kind. Adopted by Hollywood cinema goers saw its numerous sequels .

Good-reads portal recommends a selection of airport novels.



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