I prefer to be disturbed, ESAD Galery, Grenoble, France. December 2013

I prefer to be disturbed is an exhibition that describes the peculiar relationship between a collector and his collection, seen through the lens of six curators. As a case study, Bruno Henry and his collection have been examined according to this elective affinity that only the collector himself is capable of revealing. This unconventional relationship is considered as the necessary condition for the emergence of the artworks. The frame drawn by the collector around his collection, whether exhibited in a public or private space, determines its existence as a parergon, what makes it happen. The Bruno Henry collection finds its structure in the different perspectives that tie the artworks to their owner, who in a tacit agreement, offers himself. These intimate affinities now being revealed, offer invisible stories and imaginary galleries.

Exhibition of Bruno Henry’s private collection with artworks of Robert Combas, Richard Fauguet, Vincent Gontier, Raphaël Haie, Matthieu Manche, Mathieu Mercier, Anita Molinero, Richard Monnier, Philippe Parreno, Laurent Perbos, Isabelle Crespos Rocha and Stéphane Billot, Raphaël Zarka.

read more about the exhibition here 


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