Frances Ha, Noah Baumbach, 2012, 86 min

The movie that recto/verso decided to recommend for its new issue on the “Normcore” phenomenon is “Frances Ha” (2012), an American comedy-drama written and directed by Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig. Frances Ha, telling the story of a 27 year old dancer who – left by her best friend and flat mate – goes through a period of change in life as first the need to find a job or a place to live, becomes representative of the mumblecore movement in cinema. The neologism mumblecore was coined to attempt to identify a subgenre in independent American cinema realized and acted by Millennials, telling and filming stories with low budget production means and basically focusing on everyday dialogues. It seems that a direct and mutual connection is established between the mumblecore trend in cinema and the normcore phenomenon in fashion, and more widely in social life. In fact, the normcore is the first unique and original trend of the decade, not referring or inspired by previous ones and crucially – as stated in an article published by “Not Just a Label” – “arguably the only one to epitomize the overcrowded world, perpetual adolescence, and desperate hunt for a sense of identity of the Millennial generation.” Movie “Frances Ha” perfectly represents this union and relation by telling with a very subtle and direct (also visual) language the peculiar characteristics of a generation born in the 80s, who distinguished themselves by being and thinking normally.


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