recto/verso – issue 04 ∙ online/offline

recto/verso online/offlie

recto/verso – issue 04 ∙ online/offline is online


In April 2016 recto/verso was invited to Athens to participate in a conference entitled Online/Offline organized by HD Kepler and two artist-run spaces 3 137 and Enterprise Projects. During the three-day workshop we were honored to work with such an inspiring group of people. The public event which ended our work was an opportunity for all participants to develop ideas developed over the three days, a subjective and continuously evolving list of must-know key-words needed to consciously exist in the online/offline reality we are living in.

Inspired and curious about developing the proposed topic recto/verso dedicates issue 04 to questions of artistic production, shifts in aesthetics and the influence of connectivity on our life – issues among others raised during the workshop and the conference. Zoe Giabouldaki, a Thessaloniki based artists, shows her video commenting changing tendency of artistic production inseparable from online work. The interview with James Bridle, writer and technologist, focuses on the famous notion of New Aesthetics and why the Internet is so fascinating. HD Kepler, a French-Greek collective founded by Eleni Riga and Florent Frizet, investigates the impact of the Internet on human relations. White Bear sheds light on questions of virtuality, virtual and reality in particular experienced through the screen, as a dispositive where the real encounters the virtual. The interview with Gregory Chatonsky, French artist based in Montreal and Brussels, investigates notions of Aesthetic of the flux, net art, a-humanity and in general new relations between man and technology. Finally Online/Offline develops questions of a techno-human condition and remediation.


.Paypad, 2014
.in conversation with James Bridle
.Sex on the Stars
.White Bear. Where the real encounters the virtual
.Esthétique des Flux. Interview with Gregory Chatonsky


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