recto/verso – issue 03 ruins

issue 03  – ruins is online


recto/verso issue 03 is the introductory publication to a series of projects focused on the topic of ruins. Inspired by the concept of time, non-places and anthropological places developed by Marc Augé in Le Temps en ruins (2003) and Non-places, Introduction to an Anthropology of Supermodernity  (1992) as well as the notion of presentism coined by François Hartog recto/verso will investigate ruins in few chapters. The current issue defines our understanding of them as being pure time and a vision of future ruins built now by our generation. Following on Augé’s statement that we won’t produce them at all, as we don’t fix defects but replace them with new products, recto/verso will develop in future issues reflections concentrated on the process of evaluating ruins having their origins in our collective memory; the concept of non-places; to finally finish with a look at the future and a vision of upcoming catastrophes (global war, natural disaster, etc..)

Issue 03 combines texts and contributions aiming to define a status of ruins and the process of their symbolical excavation by each generation. The text In Search of Lost Ruins by Giulia Bortoluzzi relates the existence of ruins to that of memory, according to a long tradition dating from the 16th century and defending the importance of the experience of pure time. The text by Anna Tomczak Visit My Website, based on recto/verso’s contribution, examines the idea of info-aesthetics and where the ruins of the Internet can be found. The contribution by historian Giulia Zornetta Cassiodorus consists of a selection of images and the original Latin text by Cassiodorus which reveals the way ancient Roman  may have conceived ruins. A visual essay prepared by Amandine Muhamed-Delaporte and Anna Tomczak scrutinize one of the ancient amphitheatre in Lyon. Finally instead of section #to listen we have a short excerpt from Italo Calvino writings.


.In Search of Lost Ruins
.Visit My Website
.Cassiodorus by Giulia Zornetta
.Time, Space and Ego with photos by Amandine Mohamed-Delaporte
.Leonia by Italo Calvino


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