recto/verso – issue oo


 issue oo is online

# editorial

recto/verso’s issue oo is a result of a collective discussion regarding the name of our formation. Surprisingly, selected with ease and unaffectedly this seemed to be for both a synthetic bracket gathering a wide range of discourses we are aiming to raise in our practice. This issue can be considered as an introduction, a base and a constitution for our future exchange. Here we define our identity as a collective based on a perception of contemporary visual culture. In a consequence, starting from an etymological definition, recto/verso appeared first under its existentialist connotation of absurdity according to the work of Albert Camus, to follow subsequently under the aegis of a post-structuralism perspective referring to the customs of the Cynics and Stoics, and to their motto “change the currency “. The nature of the image, so hard to define, is then – respectively to the substance of the task – described in a direct relation to recto/verso literal meaning suggesting the presence of the image body. A short essay on the exhibition HF|RG at the Jeu de Paume from 2009 discusses the potential of the image in a context, as well as its status in a medium of the exhibition. Artist Elisabetta di Sopra has been invited in a visual / textual exchange to exercise the potential of selected images in a revelation of their possible recto/verso. Finally, a movie is proposed as a prolongation of this discourse on the screen.


. the double sense of the surface
. recto/verso/verso/recto
. La presa del potere da parte di Luigi XIV

to listen à l’envers, à l’endroit by Noir Désir


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